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laundry liquid 18 washes 1.5L

tough on dirt

Ah, the wonder of nature… It never fails to amaze us. Our non-biological, non-toxic detergent uses powerful plant extracts to clean your clothes naturally. It’ll target staining and dirt to leave everything brilliantly clean. It’s easy to use, hasn’t been tested on animals (of course), and is certified by the Vegan Society. Trust us, this kind of clean will grow on you.

1.5L - 18 washes

Not Tested on Animals

No Animal Ingredients

Palm Oil
Free Product

Septic Tank

Plant Based

Eco Friendly

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how to use


Lauryl-Myristyl Polyglucoside
Sodium cocoate
Sodium laureth sulphate
Acrylic copolymer
Sodium citrate
Alanine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, sodium salt (1:3)
Safe for use with septic tanks.

Free from dyes, petrochemical derived cleaning agents, synthetic preservatives, phosphates, boron, enzymes, GMO and optical brighteners.
Keep out of kids’ reach. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, flush immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor if any symptoms persist. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. Seek medical advice if swallowed. If hand washing, dilute 1-2 capfuls in 10 litres of water and wear protective gloves if you have damaged, broken or very sensitive skin. Seek medical advice if swallowed.
Store upright in a cool, dry place.

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