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Our Beliefs

1. The Ecozone Mission

Ecozone Limited is a British company that was established in the year 2000. Our aim is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals found in our homes and to cut-down household CO2 emissions. We have a range of over 60 successful products available. 16 years later, Ecozone is expanding ever more, providing our consumers with more choice and accessibility to fulfil the mission of “make your home an ecozone”.

2. Why Ecozone? Living in a Healthy Home!

We have the determination to ensure we provide consumers with entirely eco-friendly alternatives. At Ecozone we start with innovative home cleaning and maintenance solutions and products.

We all want to reduce the amount of toxins that we live with and at Ecozone we believe homes should be safe, clean and healthy places for people (and animals) to flourish, not germs! We don’t see why giving dirt the heave-ho, means letting loose all manner of planet-zapping-chemical health hazards.

For us, being green’s not about attaining some elitist or hippy ideal, respecting the environment can be a way of everyday living for everyone. By giving planet-friendly alternatives to our household problems, we hope it will be easier to make choices that are better for us and the world over.

3. What inspires us to make these changes?

Ecozone believes it is possible for all of us to make small changes that will make a huge difference to now and the future.

While it’s considered that general non-eco-friendly detergents and household cleaners are not only poisonous to our health, but also to the environment such rivers, streams and oceans. Various products that enter the waste water supply become sewage and are resourcefully filtered by the water processing plants to be used for energy (a slight green bonus). Agricultural processes however, are significantly a greater hazard to wildlife than we think, including our drinking water. Eeek! (A little tip – Buying organic food will reduce this pollution by increasing the demand for organic farming).

This leads us to the topic of Livestock; as how the planet uses our four-legged friends is responsible for as much as 51% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. For that reason, we are happy to say; we do not use any animal ingredients in our range of products, and that’s why we are Vegan. We think it’s about time to look for ethical substitutes!

In addition, emissions for an average household in the UK are six and a half tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (so much!) which means that 45% of CO2 emissions in the UK come from the energy used in our beloved homes, including the usage of appliances when cleaning (The Dishwasher is responsible for 16% of that).

In recent years the motorist has faced some of the blame for climate change, but the average family car doing 10,000 miles per year only generates around one sixth (compared to household emissions) at one ton of CO2 per year. While these figures are high, it still places Livestock ahead and responsible for around 2 and half tonnes as one cow on average releases around 2,300kg of Methane gas each year. It’s clear to see that Livestock uses and household emissions are amongst the top of the list for adding to the rising CO2 levels. Being Vegan in diet and lifestyle can have an enormous impact on this.

Considering these factors Ecozone has designed a number of products to work just as effectively, without needing appliances to be used on high temperatures or for excessive amounts of time, which means cutting down on water also.

This is why Ecozone feel that family home CO2 reductions, cutting down on Livestock and toxic chemicals uses should be targeted – Zaaapp! It not only causes damage to our planet, but costs us money too!
We offer solutions to achieve this in a number of ways by providing our consumers with a range of:

  1. Laundry and dishwashing formulas that are effective at low temperatures
  2. Faster tumble drying solutions
  3. Quick drying, non-carcinogenic cleaning agents
  4. Energy efficient lighting, LEDs, CFLs and capacitors
  5. Non-toxic limescale and mould removers
  6. Pesticide-free formulas

So why not make your home an ecozone – REDUCING CO2 helps saves the environment and the pennies!

4. Why we believe eliminating animal usage in the household product industry makes a difference.

Society as a whole, more than ever now have the option to move forward with technology. It is always possible to avoid using outdated animal-testing methods where products are concerned.

Being an advocate against animal testing is important for us, therefore we also do not use animal bi-products in our formulas. Vegan is what we pride ourselves on and we really can’t see why there is any need to use animal fats in products such as Fabric Softeners, when there are oh-so-many natural and effective plants out there!

We also have a very radiant approval from Cruelty Free International. We won’t go in to all the gory details about what happens in the world, but let’s just say “We are forever supportive”. Smiles.

5. Why we pride ourselves on our natural ingredients.

Our range of products contain approved natural formulas, that are non-carcinogenic, non-caustic and free from all other harmful components. We also use natural colourings so no worries there! Green means clean.

We strive to be as green as possible – not only to humans but to the environment as well. Therefore, Ecozone’s ingredients are 100% biodegradable and our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Although we use many natural formulas and plant based ingredients, it doesn’t mean we use just anything… Now, we all know what damage the over consumption of Palm Oil does to our planet (although it can have many effective uses as a product) but for us… It’s a no-go. At Ecozone, we are not only combating to change the amount of CO2 emitted from our households for the better of our O-zone layer, but we are also active in contesting against the unethical production methods of ingredients such as Palm Oil. Overproduction of Palm Oil means the unnecessary diminishing of our rainforests and harming wildlife such as Orang-utans. It also adds to the CO2 levels rising due to the manufacturing of it, that’s why we are Palm Oil FREE.

6. What further steps have we taken when it comes to you?

At Ecozone our products are Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Friendly, which means we have tried our best to support those with sensitive skin. It also means you can be reassured that even our Baby Range is as safe as ever as it is Dermatologically Tested. Good news for everyone!

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